My Avatar

   I chose this avatar because it describes me really well. I know my avatar is normal, but I’m not normal. I wish I could have made my avatar cooler and it describing me more but I didn’t know how to change my human into an animal. Anyways a few things to describe my normal avatar is my avatar has long dirty blonde hair, that I get from my mom. Something else that my avatar has is my bright blue eyes that I get from my dad, that are covered by my glasses which show that I am weird. I know that people who where glasses aren’t all weird but I am one that is. Another interesting feature about my avatar is my clothes. My clothes show a lot about me like how I’m a tom boy, my avatar doesn’t really show that but I don’t where girly clothes and I don’t where makeup, and I definitely don’t have a girly girl attitude, I know that sounds mean but it’s true. Well that’s all that my avatar shows but if I added in animal parts I would have a alligator mouth because I have a big mouth that likes to talk a lot. I would also have arms of a bear because I am strong. Another  feature I would have is a monkey tail to show I have a crazy wild side. One last feature would be the whole rest of he body as a dog because they are really caring and protective just like me.

I built my avatar at Build Your Wild Self

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