About Me

Name: Brooklynn

Nickname: Brooke, Brookie, and Boo


Best friends: Adrianna, Ava, Payton, Joie, Abby, and Kristin

Favorite band: After Math, you have probably never heard of them becuase their not really out on Youtube or anything popular but they are on instagram.@After Math. Band. They have one song called Corupted Mind. Why am I saying this you ask….. It’s my brothers band. P.S (Their not my favorite band though.)

Favorite Song: Don’t have one

Favorite Singer: Don’t have one

Hobbies: Riding bike, Playing basketball, Playing golf, Jumping on the trampoline,  and playing with friends.

Favorite Sport: Golf or Basketball

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Animal: Definitally DOGS!!!! I only like nice cats. I have always had some sort of dread for cats because one night my family and I were playing in our basement and we saw this little tail from behind the corner  of the room and I wen to go see what it was, and when I peek my head over the cat bit my nose.

Biggest Fear: My biggest fear are clowns!!


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