Weird Candy Bars

My first weird candy bar is “Bar None.” This candy bar was originally made by Hershey in 1987. This bar was also introduced in Canada and it was called “Temptation.” The Bar None is made with chocolate wafers and chocolate cream with a layer of crushed peanuts all over the top. Later in 1992, in attempt to overcome some manufacturing issues, the bar was changed from a single piece to twin sticks.

The next candy I chose was “Bean Boozled.”I know this isn’t a candy bar but its weird. This popular candy that comes in a box, inside of the box there is candy jelly beans that have tons of flavors with some bad and some good. For example you could either get the blue jelly bean “Toothpaste” or “Blueberry.” The concept of the game is to spin a wheel with tons of different flavors then when you land on a color you look and see what jelly bean that is then take the jelly bean out of the box and eat it and find out if you got the good kind or not. There is a very high chance of you getting the bad one though.

The last candy bar is called “Camel Balls.” These balls have a brown coating filled with extra sour red liquid. They are made by the Spain-based confectionary company Fini and are distributed all over the world. Camel balls are primarily made of sugar. It also contains glucose syrup, gum base, flavorings, glazing agents, vegetable oil, and food coloring.

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Weird Holidays :)

Some people think traditional holidays are the best but I think weird holidays are even better. My first weird holiday is Run it Up The Flagpole and See if Anyone Solutes It Day,¬†This holiday is my personal favorite holiday. I chose this holiday on behalf it’s my favorite and it’s so weird, plus I love the name. Although it has really cool name, it really isn’t that exciting. This holiday is floating an idea to see what people think, or if they notice.This term is commonly used in advertisements and print media. This day is a day to be creative and test new ideas and concepts, This holiday is in the month of January.

One more weird holiday is National Nothing Day. This holiday is simply a day for nothing. To celebrate this day is to simply do nothing and get credit for it. This day was created in 1973. There’s really nothing much more to day about this holiday. All I know about this holiday is that you do absolutely nothing and that we should celebrate it way more often.

One last holiday is Unlucky Day, unlucky day is on December 31st. unlucky Day is the last is the last day of the year. It is pretty similar to Friday the 13th. I don’t have much to say about unlucky day but people think that some person made it up because that day they were just having a really bad day. These are a couple of weird holidays that you might now on try. So that leads me to say, What is your favorite weird or traditional holiday?331/365: America.Creative Commons License David Mulder via Compfight

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Accomplishments in 20% Project

One of my biggest accomplishments that I have succeeded in the 20% project is NONE! I have not made any because we didn’t get a letter back from our mentor so we had to keep sending e mails to different mentors because none of them would e mail us back. This week we actually got a mentor e mail us back so now we are starting to get a lot of stuff done. At first I was a little worried that we wouldn’t get a mentor fast enough but we did so now I feel that we can accomplish a lot of our goals. Now that we have a mentor, we have accomplished quite a few things like plan our fundraiser and when and where were doing it.

My December goals are hearing back from the person were having our fundraiser at and finish planning. The things we need to plan are if we don’t get to do our fundraiser we need want it at, then were else would it be. Another thin g we need to work on is talking more to our mentor about when and where we are going to make the knot blankets.Crystal cat emoji sticker Like_the_Grand_Canyon via Compfight